ode to papa

My first blog. My first blog post. EVER.
I never thought I'd have the time to do something like this - let alone think that anyone would want to read anything I have to say - ha!

I've always been a bit skeptical of social media and laying it all out there. I'll post a cute pic of my kids (because I can't resist) but that's about it! So, this is all new to me! I've decided to start this blog as a testament of my journey with Kelley Joss Design. Write about industry trends, concepts that I find intriguing, articles that could lead to conversation, good design days and bad ones.  Anything really, I guess!

As I begin this next chapter in my career, I want to dedicate my first blog post to the man who lit a fire for the passion I have for art and design. My grandfather. His house was his masterpiece. He custom-built beds and dressers in the bedrooms, a beautiful china cabinet in the living room, a bar in his basement, even a fish tank on the rail of the staircase. But the room that I have the most memories in was his art room.

I remember the typography stencils and stamps, state-of-the-art markers and calligraphy pens, drawing pencils, exacto knives, rulers and drawing compasses, sketch pads and graph paper. We spent hours in the art room drawing comics, sketching cartoons, designing signs and Christmas cards.

I remember the way he drew clean block letters on a straight edge, how he used a ruler to measure and distribute space between each letter of a word, how the flexible rule helped give curvature to a word or sentence he was drawing. His gradients were created with lead pencils. The compass provided perfect circles and arcs. Artistry in every sense of the word. So primitive, but with so much character.

My grandfather passed away just as I was starting my career, but I have felt his presence for every job interview and every new job that I landed. He was able to see a few of my masterpieces before he passed. I know he'd be proud of this journey I'm on. 

And now as I'm building my own art room, I'm grateful for the support I have from my wonderful husband. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to watch my children grow up and still maintain a career and continue to do what I love doing.

And, I owe it all to papa and his art room.